Here are the facts: 49 states have home cottage food laws that allow home-baking businesses.  49 states find it safe49 states have managed to address possible public safety concerns to allow residents to earn extra money or prepare for a larger-scale professional baking business at home prior to a bigger investment.  FORTY-NINE STATES.

The New Jersey Home Bakers Association feels that anyone with the talent and drive to begin a home business should be allowed that right, and that consumers should have the freedom of choice to purchase baked goods from a home baker.  We also believe in the safety of our products. Potentially non-hazardous baked goods are those which do not require initial refrigeration or further preparation; items like cookies, brownies, cakes, and bread, among others.

Food science shows that given proper preparation, the potential for contamination in these foods is rare to non- existent. In most areas of New Jersey, it is possible to donate these same baked goods or sell them for charitable purposes. We are left to wonder; aren’t these the same goods baked with the same ingredients in the same kitchen by the same baker? Why are these goods safe enough to donate, but not safe enough to sell for profit?

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