NJTV News – Bill Would Allow for Selling of Homemade Baked Goods

New Jersey’s work-at-home chefs want a slice of the share economy. They’re fighting for a bill that would allow the sale of baked goods whipped up in home kitchens.

“Every minute in here counts because it goes into the cost of what I’m making and I do want to make a little bit of a profit,” said Martha Rabello.

Rabello sells baked goods online, but to do that, she needs to cook them in a commercial kitchen. So she rents out space at Fanwood Presbyterian Church, for $20 an hour.

“It’s a commercial kitchen that’s inspected by the Department of Health. This is were I rent to do my production for my online business. We sell cookies that are designed to be paired with very good espresso and I only sell two kinds right now because my overhead is so high. I can’t take a chance on two products,” she said.

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